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Licensed (REAA 2008) MREINZ

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Property Management Services we provide for homeowners

  • Professionally marketing available properties to the public via local newspaper, website, and office flyers.
  • Dealing with all letting enquiries.
  • Confirming references, eg. Previous tenancy details, employment.
  • Collecting and processing of Rental Bond.
  • Collecting and processing Rents.
  • Preparing and administrating the signing of Agreements.
  • Pre and Final inspections for all Tenancies.
  • Quarterly House Inspections. We provide a copy of our Property Inspection Report and digital photos taken during inspection.
  • Arranging Quotes, Repairs & Maintenance. We notify the owner detailing a description of repairs required, requesting further instructions as to whether you wish the work to be arranged on your behalf, or alternatively if you will attend to the work yourself.
  • We run on Palace Live software which enables Home owners to access their information from their own PC with individual access codes, great for overseas home owners.


A system we use to keep track of all information pertaining to our properties. Designed by Property Managers for Property Managers.

  • Owner access – Property managers have a lot to do so it allow owners to download their own statements & inspection reports.
  • Document Management – Keeping track of correspondence is critical in property management. Whether it’s letters, emails, text messages or documents. Keep a record of everything with the Palace diaries. This includes the sending and receiving of emails whether you use Outlook or Google Apps. Anything you scan can be included on the owner website, or emailed as part of the month end process with the owner statement.

Information for Homeowners


We will effectively communicate with you. As your Property Managers we will discuss your needs and develop a policy for the prompt response and resolution of matters for you and your investment. We sometimes spend a large amount of time away from the office appraising property, inspecting and managing property, however, be assured we will respond.


  • We will have the property photographed where appropriate and have the property listed on all the real estate websites that we subscribe to.
  • We will place your property for advertisement in our local newspaper the Taranaki Star
  • We will subject all applications to:
    • A check on the appropriate tenancy databases.
    • Verification of applicant’s former renting references.
  • We will let your property for the asking amount of rent. We will not let your property at a lower amount, without first obtaining your permission.
  • We will complete and execute the tenancy agreement and give the tenants possession of your property once the rental applicant process has been approved.
  • We will complete and execute the tenancy agreement and explain in detail their responsibilities and obligations.
  • We will secure all appropriate ingoing costs from the tenant.
  • We will lodge the bond in accordance with the legislation.

Rent Collection

  • We process rent payments daily.
  • We will follow up all late rent payments in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act 1986.
  • We will keep you informed throughout the legal process, should termination be necessary.
  • We will provide you with monthly statements, which shows all incomings and outgoings.

Tenant Arrears

To evict a tenant we need to apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for an order. This can sometimes take a further 3-4 weeks so in the interim mediation is an option but Under the Residential Tenancies Act, Tenants can be evicted if their rent payments are 21 days or more in arrears.

Property Inspections

  • We undertake a comprehensive Property Condition Report and supporting photographs, prior to the property being occupied.
  • We conduct routine inspections every three months and provide you with photos and a written report. At these routine inspections we will report to you any repairs or preventative maintenance that may be necessary.
  • We will conduct a comprehensive property inspection when the tenants vacate.

Maintenance and Repairs

  • We will not undertake any repairs to your property in excess of your nominated amount, without first obtaining your approval.
  • We contract a tradesperson within a timely manner for non urgent repair requests.

Tenancy Agreements

The ‘tenancy agreement’ is the legal contract between the tenant and landlord or agent. This covers the amount of rent to be paid, the method of payment, term of the agreement, security bond amount and other conditions and rules.

Following are two types of tenancy agreements:

  • A Fixed Term agreement is for a set period of time. If the tenant wants to vacate from the premises before the fixed term ends then they cannot move until such time as we find a suitable replacement Tenant to take over the remaining fixed term agreement. If the Homeowner wants the property back or the property is sold before the fixed term end date then the Homeowner and Tenant need to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement for this to happen.
  • A Periodic Term Periodic tenancies are ongoing tenancies of no fixed length that can be ended by giving notice. In most situations, a tenant must give 21 days notice in writing, and a landlord must give 90 days notice in writing.

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